Published Photography

Huffington Post in Los Angeles, CA
August 19, 2016

Highlights: capturing travel & ancestry

My grandfather is Peruvian / Los Angeles, CA
July 15, 2015
My gramps visiting my new home and talking to my father. Today we prayed for Mami Luisa.

Joseph, the first grandson and Logan, the latest grandson. Mother's side. / Vipol, Perú
March 2015
Visiting Mami Luisa this year.

Little bird at the airport / Colorado
October 2014
This creature got stuck inside an airport somehow. S/he was fearless. 

El callejón / Carmen de la Legua, Perú
The colors in the callejón remain playful, as if my five year old-self spirits through my cousins. 
We share this game when I visit home. / Dec 2013