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M A T R I A R C H Y short film 2017

I walked into Little Casa ready to support artists I love in the Boyle Heights community, la gran Patricia Zamorano. I was first introduced to her work when she was a featured artists in my first year doing Chicanas, Cholas, Y Chisme. The show was called MATRIARCH and it featured a survey of mujeres in the arts. I sat down, looked at the program, and prepared myself for a night full of powerful womyn performers. I was not disappointed. Funny, strong, courageous, death-talking, sexy bumping, patriarch-challenging being after being came on stage and then my friend Lauren Ballesteros was up there. She began reading Patricia's words.  I was thrown into a world that supported, adored, enjoyed, and celebrate LA MUJER. Y ya! I was hooked. I was in the world she had sketched out in my mind - MATRIARCHY! "I wasn't ready..." as one of the line says for what was to happen next, but I let it happen and moved with the flow of this vision through intuition and purpose.

I had been…

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