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Being on La Lista Podcast

It is difficult to live in the present when being asked, Why do you write?  I mean, I don't know why I write, I just know that I have to. I have to write, or my thoughts spill into the night air and assemble upon someone else's imagination. At least, that's my fear or what I envision anyway. When I don't take a hold of my dreams they don't just vanish, but they find a new host - someone hungrier. I am often awake or shaken awake in the quiet hours of the night by the sensation to grab these invisible things...these thoughts to manifest them as a scribbled words on the journal beside my bed. Writing. It helps me create meaning out of memory and imagination. It gives my personal life nectar, and it fuels the worlds I create when writing a script or a play. From my childhood diaries to my traveling journals, I have learned about the stages of my life by reviewing writing from my past. Sometimes I feel like I wouldn't know where I was standing if it was not explai…

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