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Published in LABEL ME LATINA/O, an international e-journal

Last December (2018) I learned about Label Me Latina/o - an academic e-journal that accepts submissions on latino-ness. Amongst the pile of planning for a new family addition, I decided submit. I thought -- WHY NOT? -- my motto since Mrs. Okita's English class at Van Nuys Middle School in the 90's. Shout out to the Mighty Mustangs!

It began like this. I was in bed thinking about baby and my ancestry, when I saw a submission call on social media for this e-journal. I sat there pondering, what or who to write about? What makes me Latinx? And the only person who came to my mind was my Tia Paty.

You see, a few years back I was introduced to her first and only child - my cousin Logan (we are some 20+ years apart, but he's my cousin nonetheless). Logan, the first baby that truly stirred that internal clock in me. Logan was the smallest, cutest, most wonderful little creature I have ever encountered. This was also the time I saw my very hip Aunty Paty transform into a mother. Th…

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