Nueva York

I just arrived in New York tonight and amazing things are happening. First of all, I get to work for Paloma McGregor's upcoming show. Amazing. If you are in New York, you must check out this event.

Secondly, I am staying with a fellow artist friend---and we spent the entire night talking about her research and travels to Perú. Tonight, I reminisced about my grandmother, my country, and my history. I need to remind myself about these treasures, and I need to reconnect with them more often. A mate-de-coca-tea later, I am ready to hit the hay. Tomorrow, work starts, but in the evenings I am going to try to check out some Peruvian events at NYU.

Starting with "Quechua Night" on October 24th:

Time for sleep, especially since I am living in the future now---3 hours ahead from my usual LA/Berkeley time. It's already past 2:00am here.   : /

Airport Blues
October 23, 2012
Chicago Airport; waiting to go to NY