Hidden Inspiration (Suspiros de inspiración)

I spent most of my weekend cleaning and getting things organized in my living space. I threw away old documents I didn't need, and kept relic photographs of me blowing out birthday candles at eleven. I found character development notes from old classes I took while at Berkeley. Graded poetry work from a teacher I respect, which made me laugh because I don't consider myself a poet. Positive things were written, but structurally... strange to get through. What a find!      In the corner of a binder, hidden in the back of a divider, sat a little envelop stuffed with multiple pieces of paper ranging in size, texture, and color. Some are napkin doodles, some are hums of inspiration written on backs of bank receipts (clearly written while I waited impatiently in line to make a deposit), and some regular size paper, dating back to 2008, of short stories inspired by my friends from my old job at Pasadena Playhouse. The things written in this tiny envelope range from "letters to self", to movie ideas, to short horror stories...treasures, now that I think about it. Some are badly written, but treasures nonetheless.

This was perfect timing really, as this evening I had met with a collaborator who is hiring me to write a story for him. We are in the beginnings of a very exciting project.     Finding this tiny old envelope with past ideas and undeveloped stories reassures me that this new project is going to be a fun collaboration for the next few months. Here's to writing novels, here's to researching history, and here's to uncharted waters. Cheers!