Two Worlds, One Heart--Dos Mundos, Un Corazón

This past Monday I drove from Berkeley to Northridge. I parked my car outside my mom's place and walked through the front door with a scratch in my throat. This scratch then developed into a full blown cold. I only mention this because Monday was not a great start to my first week back for the holidays. That is, until the next morning. Tuesday morning I laid in bed nestled between two giant pillows (trying to breathe through my nose), when I received an unexpected phone call. A very very cool phone call, actually, from my friend and artist collaborator, Shireen Alihaji (Ki N Soi), telling me that we won first prize and the grant we applied to over a month ago! I first wrote about this project on October 21st.

Well, needless to say, Tuesday morning made up for my Monday blues.

We both collaborated on the production, and I wrote a short poem based on the PSA format I was given by Shireen. She is a wonderful videographer, editor, and musician. Look her up and check out her music.

Hope you enjoy the video. It's dedicated to our grandparents.