Scrawl with Bay Area artist Renée Rhodes

I was fortunate enough to connect with Renée Rhodes at the Virtual Venues Symposium this past November. Renée is an artist based in the Bay Area, who is currently developing a dance piece called "Navigating in a Whiteout." This piece will be presented by the Scrawl Center for Drawing and Giggling Lotus Yoga. In addition to this piece, a separate work by Sasha Petrenko will be shown the same evening.  

I got in touch with Renée because I really enjoyed the work she does with dance and technology. I am exploring similar venues with dance and videography, and wanted to collaborate with her on a project. She invited a couple of us to dance in her piece.  Wish me luck friends! And come to the event this February 8, 2013.

Scrawl Center for Drawing
Admission:  Donation based/Free
Date:            February 8, 2013
Time:           7:00PM doors, 7:30PM show
Location:     Giggling Lotus Yoga in San Francisco, CA

Check out one of Renée's works:
Calibration Dances from Renee Rhodes on Vimeo.

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