Scrawl Post-Show Report

On Friday, February 8, 2013, I performed in the first ever Scrawl Center for Drawing Event in San Francisco. It has been an absolute honor to work with Renée Rhodes and Laurie Caird Bramlage. The piece was called Navigating in a Whiteout, and it was choreographed by the multi-talented Renée Rhodes ( I got the chance to work with Laurie Caird Bramlage, a beautiful mover and dance partner. The evening was full of art, nature (provided by artist Sasha Petrenko), and technology.  Artistic Director and owner of Giggling Lotus Yoga, Mimi Concier, introduced the evening as an exploration and invited guests to give the artists feedback. It was a wonderful event.

The performance was euphoric because we finally got to share what we had developed over a few Saturday afternoons. The audience was very receptive, and the energy in the room was engaging and explorative. Overall: great first-time-dancing-in-San-Francisco experience.

Photo by Scrawl Representative: