Dance Anywhere 2013!

dance anywhere 2013 from Dance Anywhere on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I will be part of Dance Anywhere! I will be dancing along with various other artists all over the world, and you can too! You can dance from ANYWHERE, that's the mission for this massive art project. Imagine this --- dancing at the same time with different people in different parts of the world. This is an international flashmob that does not require everyone to be in the same space.

The Defiance Project will be doing a piece by Sophie Needelman. A dance we've been rehearsing the last few Sundays. I can't wait to perform this piece with the UC Berkeley community. To see what Dance Anywhere is all about check out their website below. Oh, and no prior experience is required so come join if you want! We will be meeting at 11:50am on the famous Mario Savio Steps of Sproul Plaza.

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