Fall Choreo 2011 Reunion for "NEGATIVA"

Last...last fall I created a piece called Negativa, with dancers Camila Torres, YQNancy Wang, and Reina Kakimi. Last Thursday evening---after a year of being individuals out in the world---we reunited (minus our beloved Reina who we missed terribly) to finally watch the performance video. It was our first time seeing it since the performance.

I made lomo saltado and popped open a bottle of red wine. YQNancy brought delicious chocolates and Camila made rice to compliment the lomo. The three of sat with our plates and drinks ready to watch the footage. I pushed play and took a deep breath. None of us had seen the dance in over a year!

And you know what, after watching it we all screamed with joy. We couldn't help but talk during the dance.   It was so rewarding to see the dance come alive again before our eyes. The beautiful costumes designed by Kendall Owings, the lighting provided by the masterful Amelia Glatzer, and the dancers were all amazing elements in the overall production.

The night was all laughter. We remembered our rehearsals, our arguments, our injuries, and we commented on certain parts of the dance that could be improved if it were mounted again. I loved seeing the footage. I loved seeing my lady dancers. I thank the stars for being part of UC Berkeley because we have access to amazing artists and instructors like Joe Goode. He was so instrumental in all of the choreographer's dance pieces.

Check out the video! I welcome feedback. Art is always evolving after all.

Negativa from Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete on Vimeo.

Joe Goode: http://joegoode.org