Modern Future makes music magic for Polarity

The universe is amazing. I say this because Natalie and I keep encountering the most incredible artist to help us collaborate on our dance film, Polarity. Natalie recently connected with Jake, Nick, and Paul from Modern Future. We went over to their lair, talked about our movie, and did some voice over work for a section in the short film. 

Modern Future is a great up and coming collaborative music production company --- and you need to work with them right now. These guys know their stuff and they have amazing ears. There were sound details they were picking up on that totally went over both mine and Natalie's head. Honestly, they are sound magicians. 

They are incredible artists. Please check out their facebook page and twitter. They have fun and crazy work coming out.   This is a tune I dig mixed by EAR MONSTER:

As of today, Polarity's Music Producers and Collaborators: AUDIO SPECTRE, ASHBY, & EAR MONSTER. Rock on boys.

Modern Future:
Modern Future Twitter: