Polarity Dance Film Project

Another collaboration underway!

Natalie Marsh and I are creating a dance film based on her recent choreographic endeavor titled Polarity Project.   Natalie Marsh is a UC Berkeley graduate like myself. She and I are choreographing in a show organized by TDPS and The Defiance Project called "Great Things" in May. Natalie's piece will also be shown at "Dances for Small Spaces" by the Right Brain Performance Lab.

The people of Right Brain Performance Lab requested some pictures for their program, and Natalie held an intimate photo shoot in her Berkeley home. This photo shoot experience prompted an idea to make her dance score into a dance film project. She reached out to me. Now we are both going to co-direct Polarity the dance film!

I have been developing an idea for a dance film myself, and this experience is going to be a very important journey for me. Send us good vibes, we start filming this Saturday.

Natalie Marsh and Rosa Navarrete
Photo by: Elissa Lee

Natalie Marsh and Elissa Lee
Photo by: Rosa Navarrete

Natalie Marsh Blog: http://nataliepmarsh.blogspot.com
The Defiance Project: http://www.thedefianceproject.com
Right Brain Performance Lab: http://performancelab.org