American Immigration Council Recognizes "Two Worlds, One Heart"

Well here I am in my room, going through my list of what to take with me to DC. Thankfully I've had Shireen (artist collaborator) and Amos (boyfriend/partner) helping me every step of the way with: "this is what you should take", "this is how you should pack", "let's talk about current events every three days", and "tell me, how is your novel coming along?"   It is so nice to have people who love and support you that much.

Shireen Alihaji and I created a video together called Two Worlds, One Heart and submitted it to the First Annual "Change in Motion" Competition for the American Immigration Council. In December we found out we won first place and a cash prize. In January we found out there would be an award ceremony, and that we'd be able to receive the prize in Washington DC. We found out that our video was going to be screened, and that Collin Powell would be at the ceremony receiving his own award. We've talked to our mentors, Fred Heinrich and Stephania Lipner from Inner-City Filmmakers, to help prepare us for our east coast visit. We've connected with an ICF alumni who currently has his own practice in DC, AND in just a few hours I will be on a plane trying to add more pages to my novel so that I can have something to talk about when I am at the event.

Everything has been happening so quickly now, and I have to be honest. It hasn't hit me yet.

I am going to be at the 18th Annual Washington, D.C. Immigration Achievement Awards. Hmm. Maybe it's starting to hit me a little bit now.

18th Annual Washington, DC Immigration Achievement Awards
Press Release

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