Ohlone Blessing Ceremony in front of the Bancroft Library

I went to an event tonight organized by the Danza In Xochitl In Cuicatl. They hosted an Ohlone Blessing Ceremony in front of the Bancroft Library. It was a time to pray, dance, and reflect in order to pay homage to those individuals who have not had a proper burial.   Here is what organizer Natalie Solares wrote on the invitation,

Ohlone people are the original inhabitants of the bay and this includes our 
Cal campus. As you might or might not know there are still Native American
remains being held on campus in different buildings, one includes Bancroft Library.
The Ohlone Blessing Ceremony is to help students on this campus and the community
learn about Ohlone ancestor remains on campus, and their struggle in attaining these
remains from the Univeristy.

The Ohlone are one of the many tribes who are still fighting University of California, Berkeley and federal government to get their ancestors' remains back. These bones and "archeological" artifacts live in boxes underground on the UC Berkeley campus.   Tonight, members of the Ohlone Nation came and sang their sacred songs. Dancers from the Danza In Xochitl In Cuicatl showed their respects with various dances.   The Bancroft Library is where some of the remains have been known to be kept. It was an emotional evening because the people gathered were praying and singing towards a cold looking building. I speak as a visitor at this event, but I feel that no one should have to visit their loved ones that way.

Watch this video and spread the word about this ongoing issue. All they want is to give their ancestors a proper burial. 

Ohlone Nation Site: http://www.ohlonenation.org