"Pieces of Her" is just the beginning

I have been wanting to do a dance piece about my grandmother Luisa for some time now. I want to dedicate an entire night to her. Sophie Needelman from The Defiance Project has given me the space to workshop some performance ideas for this concept.  Although my original idea was to do a dance solely about my grandmother, after meeting with my dancers, I realized that we all have a rich past to share.

"Pieces of Her" is an extension of the original idea, "Luisa's Voice". Check the Important Dates Tab for updates on the performance.

One aspect of the workshop is street performance in contrast with stage performance. This will be mediated through video projection. I am interested in the personality and physical traits that we inherit specifically from our grandmothers and how that shapes us to be the women we are today. Basically, I am questioning and abstracting the idea of individuality.

Yesterday, my dancers and I performed in San Francisco with our abstract grandmother masks. I will post a video teaser of the street performance soon. The piece will be shown on May 9th in a show called Great Things organized by The Defiance Project in Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley. Join us if you can!

The Defiance Project's Great Things: https://www.facebook.com/events/469545763114512/?fref=ts