A Reflection About Performing in "Dances for Small Spaces" presented by The Due West Salon

"Polarity" photo by Natalie Marsh, Choreographer
Dancers: Elizabeth Ottenheimer, Nitipat Ong Pholchai, Amanda Stump, 
Lily Haine, Rosa Navarrete, Elissa Lee
May 10, 2013

"Polarity" photo by Eric Garcia from Detour Dance
May 10, 2013

"Israel Works" photo by Sophie Needelman from The Defiance Project
Dancers: Daniella Aboody, Lucienne Wagner, Hannah Westbrook, 
Amanda North Turrull, Amanda Stump, Lily Haine
May 10, 2013

Being part of The Due West Salon's "Dances for Small Spaces" was a wonderful experience. Jennifer Gwirtz and John Baumann are amazing Artistic Directors and hosts. Before this weekend, I had not heard of the International Home Theater Festival. I might join the group of artists next year and have my own home theater experience. Thank you Natalie Marsh and Sophie Needelman for the opportunity to perform in this show. Thank you fellow artists who shared the space with us.

Aside from it being a unique experience, it also made me reflect upon the creativity that arrives when given limitations in space. There was a moment during "Israel Works" (Sophie Needelman's work) when we had to re-arrange our spacing mid-performance in order to fit into the small stage area. It was interesting to feel out our interactions in different circumstances. Aside from performing, I had the pleasure of viewing other artists perform. One of the highlights for me as a viewer was a duet performed by Kat Cole and Eric Garcia, the artistic directors of Detour Dance. Check out the websites below for more information about their work.

The Home Theater Festival is still happening, so click on the link below to see other performances in "Dances for Small Spaces."

Home Theater Festival: http://www.hometheaterfestival.com/
Right Brain Performancelab: http://performancelab.org/index.html
The Defiance Project: http://www.thedefianceproject.com
Natalie Marsh: http://nataliepmarsh.blogspot.com
Detour Dance: http://www.detourdance.com/