Final Great Things Perfomance with "Pieces of Her"

Yesterday was the final performance of "Pieces of Her" in The Defiance Project's Show--Great Things. Zellerbach Hall was a wonderful venue to show the work. The projection screen was huge, and our street performance video complimented the dance moves on stage. It gave Daniella Aboody, Natalie Marsh, and myself a space to juxtapose our performance art street video with our dance theater art onstage. All in front of a live audience. I received positive remarks and also constructive feedback that will help me develop the piece and take it to the next level. Daniella and Natalie felt great about the performance, and Natalie even danced with an ankle injury! She's a rockstar. It was a great evening. Our personal stories and selected gestural work touched people's hearts. In both performances (Berkeley Hillel this past Sunday and last night in Z170) we were told how wonderful it was to honor the past with a dance. Both evenings proved to be an emotional reunion with memories of grandmothers for certain audience members, who after the show came up to me and confessed they either cried or were touched by the stories. I am so proud to have worked with two talented dancers who also act and write beautifully.

Being invited to work with The Defiance Project has been great. Great Things proved to be a wonderful space to share and also participate in other work. I performed in two other pieces last night. Natalie Marsh's "Polarity" and Sophie Needelman's "Israel Works." The image below shows Sophie's piece. It has been a pleasure dancing with these talented dancers and choreographers.

Photo by Lauren Hamilton
Dance: Israel Works

Although "Pieces of Her" had her final run last night, I will be performing in Sophie's piece again tonight at 6:00pm. Come and join the dance fun, it's absolutely free! There will be other choreographers showing work tonight, so come join us at Zellerbach Hall, Room  Z170 if you find yourself in Berkeley tonight. There is a possibility that the short film I made with Natalie Marsh will be screened tonight.  Cheers to creativity and having a dance community.