"Link" a short film by Peter Tamaribuchi

Aside from making "The Art of Being Brown" (the fun packed pro-immigrant puppeteering social justice film by fabulosa Samanta Cubias and myself) this year, the last time I worked on a narrative short film was in 2008 with some good friends---back when we called ourselves Team Closer. We made a short horror film called The Day Before Dark and won first place for the Inner-City Filmmakers 48-Hour Film Festival. It was a glorious night!

Now I sit here in the corner of my room (my little office) making final touches on "Link," a short film by Peter Tamaribuchi. I am the editor for this film. Thank God for Inner-City Filmmakers and their training. Thank God for Anthony Torres, Sean Hernandez, Natalia Provatas, and Nestor Arce (Team Closer) because having them in my life has made me a better filmmaker. I am enjoying being an editor. It has been so fun making this film and watching how the story unfolds. The camera work was done by Eliane Lima, and she is a fun person to work with on set.

This is my final project for the Athenian School. It has been great working with Peter Tamaribuchi and the students at the school. There are so many talented kids in the Drama/Film Program---and not just talented in performance, but talented in production work too. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for these dedicated students. Thank you Athenian, I might look into being an educator someday.

Eliane Lima: http://www.elianelima.us
Peter Tamaribuchi: http://www.crosscurrentsfilms.com
The Athenian School: http://www.athenian.org
Inner-City Filmmakers: http://innercityfilmmakers.com