I have been hired to work as an interviewer, videographer, editor for On the Same Page--a program within the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley. On the Same Page introduces incoming Cal students to campus life with the use of intellectual material. This material promotes engagement between faculty and new students. The video will be screened during the CalSo events through summer  2013. I've been interviewing brilliant individuals all over campus and beyond. The new topic this year is The Dawn of the Computer Age. Incoming students are receiving the book titled Turing's Cathedral by George Dyson as a gift. Turing's Cathedral is a great book that touches not just on the dawn of the computer age, but also the history of the computer. Please read the NY Times review below for more information on this incredible text.  Looking forward to sharing the video with you soon!

On The Same Page Site: http://onthesamepage.berkeley.edu
Turing's Cathedral Review: Click Here!
CalSo: http://services.housing.berkeley.edu/NSS/Content/Welcome.html