A Reflection on Food Revolution Day 2013!

Have you heard of Food Revolution Day? No? Well, I just found out about it so don't feel bad. My dancer friend Laurie Caird Bramlage, who I performed with in Navigating in a Whiteout (a piece by RenĂ©e Rhodes), decided to throw her own food revolution party in her lovely home. It was splendiferous! We made pizza with thirty-year old sourdough bread, we watched her husband create cola from scratch (mostly sugar by the way), and we drank home brewed kombucha. I even got to take home a piece of their mother bacteria, so that I could start making my own kombucha.

I think next year I might throw my own Food Revolution Party. Please check out their foodie blog for event details and recipes! Do you recognize the dork holding the pizza? That's me folks.