"Call Me Ishwhale" by Andrea Mock

Photo by Aicha Nystrom

Photo by Aicha Nystrom
Photo by Aicha Nystrom

I met Andrea Mock through Natalie Marsh. Andrea is an innovative choreographer and writer. The first time we spoke we talked about the positive changes that art can have in a community, we talked about our histories, and we talked about our high schools. The last time I talked to Andrea we discussed our roles as artists, and where we see our work taking us in the next few years. I just met her, but I feel like I've known her forever---or at least I recognize the spirit of creativity in her. When she asked if I was interested in playing a part in her piece, "Call Me Ishwhale," -- a piece loosely based on Moby Dick -- I was overjoyed!

Dance Story Company, run by Andrea Mock, is presenting "Call Me Ishwhale" in about a year. We have had a couple of rehearsals at ODC, and it has been great fun getting to know Becky Leviton and Elizabeth Cooper in the process.

Although I am currently in Salt Lake City, I am looking forward to seeing how this project continues to develop. I am looking forward to reuniting with the other cast members in this group. Of course you might recognize Ms. Natalie Marsh in the images by Aicha Nystrom.

The last group photo is from our last rehearsal. From left to right: me (Rosa Navarrete),  Becky Leviton, Natalie Marsh, and Elizabeth Cooper. I am super excited to continue sharing the developments on this project.

Photo by Andrea Mock.

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