"He Moved Swiftly...": Tears, laughter, daydreams, and stories for the sandman

I am moments away from doing videography work for the performance "He Moved Swiftly..." I flew in from Salt Lake City this morning, BARTed to 16th and Mission, walked to Calumet to pick up a monopod, ate at Taqueria CancĂșn (best Mexican I've had in the city thus far), and now I am sitting inside the ODC theater watching performers stretch  for the show, "He Moved Swiftly...".

There he is the one who plays music. There she is the spirit of mischief. There she is the muse. There they are the beautiful people who are bringing this performance to life.

I am still thinking about the preview performance on June 15th. I see amazing dancers leaping, I see a parade of vivacious jazz musicians bringing strangers together in a mass celebration for the dead. All of these beautiful images still swim in my mind. I have met a lot of artists through this experience. I can see the value behind wonderful organizations like Dancers' Group, that bring these performances to life. I've learned about the city, I've learned about Ed Mock, I've learned about the imprint human beings leave behind when they depart from this world (our realm). During the process, Amara said that she felt Ed Mock in the space. It was not until I saw Ed Mock come alive in the dances, not until I could hear him speak through people's words, not until the laughter erupted from some performers retelling a story of Ed---did I also feel the presence of something otherly around us. "Ed," they say sometimes, "he's here." His presence holds magic. Reincarnated moments, gestures, dances, and stories were told and moved to in different indoor and outdoor locations. "I will remember how great it felt to be loved by him," said a performer tonight. Tears streaming down her cheeks with a smile spread about her face.

I invite you to come see this show. "He Moved Swiftly..." has just three performances left. June 21, 22, and 23 from 3:30-8:30PM. Amara Tabor-Smith has created an amazing traveling dance theater show.
Come today, tomorrow, or
Sunday --but don't miss it.

Click here for additional information and a map to the free performances!