IMS: Integrated Movement Studies

I was recently hired as PR Director by Integrated Movement Studies. I am so excited to join this group of amazing movers and shakers. Integrated Movement Studies (IMS) provides Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals (LMA/BF) training to individuals and organizations all over the country. My duties are on pause this summer because I am still learning about the company and its processes --- but for the time being Peggy Hackney and Janice Meaden have invited me to Salt Lake City, Utah, to study Laban Movement Analysis and to do video work for their archives. We are on week two of the program.    I love the work we've been doing this summer. Before attending the intensive, I learned a little bit of LMA in Peggy Hackney's "Sources for Movement" class at University of California, Berkeley. It  has been an amazing journey. I am having so much fun learning terminology, discussing the importance of movement as language, and deepening my understanding of community and relationships in our kinesthetic world. The summer intensive is taking place at the University of Utah. More soon!