Reflections on performing for The Salon Art Showcase by the LEVYdance Studio

Photo by Rosália Lerner
"Polarity" Performers and Choreoghaper
Amanda Stump, Elissa Lee, Rosa Navarrete, and Natalie Marsh

It has been about a week since we performed for The Salon Art Showcase alongside some amazing choreographers and performers like Wei-Shan Lai, Rachna Nivas, and Sara Shelton Mann. The night began with a stretching session all over the LEVYdance Studio. We said hello to new faces by bumping into arms and legs as we all sprawled on the floor together. Technique and performance style ranged, and everyone was eager to see the work.

The night began with a circle meeting. Performers and choreographers introduced themselves and their piece. I am not going to lie, it was a little intimidating being around some really technical dancers, but that feeling quickly dissipated when I realized how supportive everyone was with the various forms of art performance displayed that evening. There was dance, music, theater, and even some stunt work that night. Once the audience was let in, everyone was told this was a relaxed environment to show work in progress by various artists. One of my favorite performances was from Rachna Nivas who danced and created complicated rhythms with her dance, played music, and sang all at once! It was a magical experience. Another favorite in the night was the stunt work by Bridger Fox and her two companions. In the end, the evening was a celebration of art. I am so proud and honored to have been in it, and to have performed alongside with Amanda Stump and Elissa Lee. Thank you Natalie Marsh for making "Polarity" such a rich and beautiful piece to perform. 

Natalie Marsh: