A Summer Reflection during my break from IMS

The past month has been an intense journey in art, creativity, and health. I have internalized a lot of information in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and in Bartenieff Fundamentals. In addition to all this goodness, I have also learned about the various stages of creativity; that is, how things are meant to change in various stages of ones work. On my drive from Salt Lake City to Nevada, and then to California, I was lost in thought about what the next steps in my life will be. You see, I am working on various projects: a documentary, a dance to be performed in San Francisco, a short film editing job, a new position with Integrated Movement Studies---and I keep thinking to myself, where is life going to take me? Why am I being led this way?  The more driving I did, the more I realized that instead of positive reinforcement (the kind my mind, body, and spirit responds to) I gave my future hypotheticals  limitations. I can't go there, I can't say that, I won't show this----instead of just going for what feels right. Part of it is fear stems from plain self-doubt. I'm sure many creative people out there can relate. I feel as though I can't move on because of this ... hump, if you will. Thankfully, after spending a couple of days on the road with my best friend and love I realized that the only one that is stopping me from being everything I can be...is me. It's a scary realization, and a horrible cliché---I know---but it's what I have come to realize. We walked hand in hand outside of a movie theater and I said out loud, "Oh, I see now. Everything is possible." I believe being part of the summer intensive with Integrated Movement Studies has helped me realize and process this. I have met the most amazing people who have gone through ups and downs in their creative lives, but who have committed themselves to going for it. Some are in their finalized realizations, and some (like me) are just beginning. However, we are all inquisitive and we are all energized by the process. Just as I left Salt Lake City, my partner pointed to a rainbow by the road. We gazed at it and snapped some pictures. I could be superstitious and say, good things are coming my way --- but the truth is, I was simply amazed by nature and its ability to create beauty even in the greyest of skies. I am inspired. Cheers to wonderful summers.

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