Last Night in Berkeley until August

Flan from César's tapas in Berkeley.

It's past midnight and I should be in bed. Instead I'm battling with some internet issues and my 13 inch computer. She renders, she uploads, she breaks my heart sometimes. In the next room, amidst the dark, he lays on the couch. The one who is going to help me travel back to Utah. The one I call "boo," my Amos. Here I am by the computer, unable to sleep and putting together all the things that have gone on these past few days, during my break from Laban Movement Analysis with Integrated Movement Studies. Is it strange to say I miss the people from the workshop? I do, actually. I miss them the same way I miss the friends I made in the Paris study abroad program I did last summer. I miss learning. I can't wait to go back. Still, I want to process and think about this past week, let me dwell in it a little----for it might reveal something later in life. Here I go. It has been more than a break, it's been work, it's been video editing, it's been staring into a book and getting lost for hours, it's been catching up with True Blood, it's been reuniting with friends who are leaving the city -- the state -- the country. It's been working at Berkeley Playhouse on my weekends and listening to the beautiful songs from the musical The Wiz. It has been messaging friends who have found love. It has been reading some bad news on the home page. It has been growing up, it has been adventures with only four outfits to alternate from. It has been denial about time, it has been regressing, and it has been garbage juice spilling on my favorite conservative shirt, it has been tapas after a late shift and the coffee flan to complete it all. It's been reworking my resume, it's been sleeping on the couch, it's been watching my roommate pack for Georgetown (my future lawyer), it's been talking to my sister about our dreams through hypotheticals. It has been conversing with a dancer in the center of a farmers market and discussing future performances in San Francisco. Come to think of it, my week hasn't been dull at all.

Now that it has come to an end, I am looking forward to finishing my summer LMA/Bartenieff Fundamentals training in Salt Lake City, Utah with IMS. I am excited to see what comes next and continue to develop my understanding of the human body. I hope you're having a wonderful and insightful summer as well.