Mr. Happy Blue Travels

Okay, so I have this fun travel blog that is a little unorthodox. I'm working on catching it up to speed with it because it's a little outdated. It was also a private blog, but I think I'm ready to share it with the world.   Mr. Happy Blue was a ceramic and glazed travel gift from my sister Jackie. She gave him to me in Summer 2011 when I went to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Originally he was just going to be a charm, but I decided to create a blog dedicated to this gift because I wanted my sister and younger brother (who was 12 at the time) to go online and see my adventures abroad through Mr. Happy Blue.

Well, like I said --- the blog has been asleep for some time now, but I have slowly been starting to update it with fresh material. I recently posted about the Fourth of July in Provo, Utah. So if you are interested in food, travel, street art, and strange little traveling-gnome-things --- check out Mr. Happy Blue Travels. Tootles!