Had Me a Blast...Happened so Fast

This past Friday was the last day with Integrated Movement Studies' Intensive Summer Program. Two months have gone by, and I am overflowing with knowledge. It's now time to apply what I have learned in Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals into my life and field. After weeks of learning about Body Connectivity, Poles in space, breath patterns, Shape Flow, and a partridge in a pear tree---I am now stepping out of my comfort zone and into my independent study. It's time to fall into the Fall project mode. It may sound casual enough, but I am extremely nervous. Why? Because I am utterly aware that this experience is going to be a continuous flux of change for the rest of  my life. LMA/BF training with IMS is not just a workshop, this is a practice that needs to be revisited and examined for as long as one is interested in learning about the human body and its functions/expressivity.

This summer with IMS has been a life changing experience. I am still learning so much about my body and my strength. IMS theory is stimulating. IMS exercises have the potential to reveal a lot about the self. In addition, I got to spend the summer with some of the most quirkiest, talented, and open minded individuals I've ever met. We all come from different backgrounds, different economic histories, different spiritual identities, yet we are all able to collaborate and work together in a large community.  This program not only facilitated the importance of body knowledge, but it also provided me with hope---that people who are different can still get a long and make things work. Anything is possible. Everyone is valuable. Our distal ends (fingers and toes, for example) do not define the limit of movement.

It's actually quite liberating to think this way. I hope you find joy in your body, and I hope you value your strength. I also hope you share that knowledge with those you love, and with those who challenge you. After this summer, I am taking away with me the joy in commitment to self and commitment to growth.

Integrated Movement Studies: http://www.imsmovement.com