The Overcast Theatre presents "The Bear" and "The Proposal" by Anton Chekhov!

I had an incredible time with IMS this summer, but oh--how I miss my Bay Area weather! I have yet to experience a full summer in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland. These cities have wonderful music events, festivals, parades, and performances. Sadly, I have missed a lot of these activities. And as I drive up to Berkeley on Sunday afternoon, I will be missing yet another summer performance. It is a Chekhov enthused show presented by The Overcast Theatre. Two of Anton Chekhov's pieces will be performed: "The Bear" and "The Proposal." Another reason I am sad to miss this show is because I will be missing the performances of two amazing talented actresses. Ms. Julia Taylor and Ms. Samanta Cubias. As some of you know, Sami and I worked on "The Art of Being Brown" video for the Immigration Symposium during the UndocuNation movement earlier this year. Julia and I met in Peggy Hackney's Sources for Movement class at UC Berkeley; she writes musicals! Want to laugh this weekend? Then get off your bum and go support the performances! It's playing in San Francisco. Here's a fun blurb of the performances written in their Facebook event invite.

The Bear and The Proposal both written in 1888 were Anton Chekhov's first vaudeville russes. These hilarious one-act pieces brought  him both financial successes to press on in his theatrical endeavors but also certified him in his capabilities, as a writer of drama as up to the he was only a celebrated short story writer. Chekhov would ultimately be inspired by the old French vaudeville genre in his 
own innovative manner to refresh it and produce hysterical and popular works that would challenge and redefine what was possible on the Russian stage at the time. His handful of vaudevilles would also aide Chekhov in finding his dramatic voice in writing his later full-length plays that he would be so famously known for worldwide. 

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