Footloose and Other Wonderful Things: A Post-Performance Reflection

Photo by YQNancy Wang. 
I woke up this morning with minimal soreness, and with a lot on my mind. I tried hard to harness on a single thought, but all that came to me were flashing images of light fixtures, gels, music, microphones, hair blowing in my face, my laptop heating up, audience members fanning themselves, the magical spacebar, warming up insidea giant cube, sweat beads, pretty dancers, red lipstick, and blurred faces of people saying, "Congratulations" or "I think next time you should...". I feel as though I have just stepped out of a roller coaster that has been soaring through the sky catching up to video projections of my life. That's it. Footloose presents In Between Pretty is over and done. 

Yesterday was the last performance. In attendance was Lisa Wymore, Amara Tabor-Smith, and Paloma McGregor. Some of the most influential dance teachers and mentors I've ever had. They provided me with great feedback, and asked me questions that made me reflect upon my piece. It was so good to show the work, even if it's just little bits and chunks right now. Some people said really kind things, and some who wanted to express themselves shared their insight. I listened to those insights because I am still learning things about my style and art. Last night I felt like a little squirrel gathering treats and stuffing my face with knowledge. I'm exhausted, but grateful. Thank you Nitipat Ong Pholchai, who curated the event, to Mary Alice Fry, the Producer and Artistic Director of Footloose, and Joe Landini, the founder and Artistic Director of The Garage.  This experience led to some great discoveries and observations, like:

  • I have to take my time to live with a theme. Really dive in there with all my guts.
  • Feedback is gold.
  • Jump at the chance to __________ (fill in the blank). Be a helping hand.
  • Have fun, otherwise, what's the point?

We all have a journey to take in our fields. Mine just happens to be art right now, and life is great. I found this cool article about Joe Landini and his own journey as a dancer/choreographer. It's a great read, check it out:

We made the SF Chronicle's 96 Hour Section on September 5, 2013.