Presenting The June Bugs!

My roommates and I were sitting around yesterday stressing about love, life, and work--so we decided to sing and play music together. We faked our way through a harmonized version of "Ring of Fire" without the trumpets. Lilia Houshmand on ukulele and lead vocals, me on guitar and back-up vocals, and Miss Brittany Bakersville on the banjo. Tonight, at The Starry Plough, we performed under the name JUNE BUGS. There were some friends in the audience mixed in with a few strangers who cheered when they heard the first few lines of the song. I have not sung on a stage in a while--oh my, was that a whole bucket of fun! If you ever want to let your freak flag fly, I say check out the eccentric musicians and fun loving emcees at The Starry Plough. All types of talent are welcomed. I learned so much about my immediate Berkeley community just from the various interactions I had tonight. What a fun night smiling through a sad song.

The Starry Plough Pub: