Richard Howell and Sudden Changes, Nov. 7 - 8

During the filming of "He Moved Swiftly..." I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Howell. He was the musician who followed the performers with his instruments and helped guide the audience from one scene to the next. Basically, he brought the magic alive in each scene. Richard Howell is a talented artist, and I personally plan on supporting his events from now on. I invite you to check out his latest project, Richard Howell and Sudden Changes.

Richard Howell & Sudden Changes
Jazz Saxophonist-vocalist-producer-educator Richard Howell will bring enough "weapons of mass instruction" to enlighten the San Jose "Cultural Revelation".
Gary Brown - bass
Frederick Harris - piano
Elé Howell - drums
Charles McNeal - alto saxophone
Richard Howell - tenor and soprano saxophone

Location: Cafe Stritch, 374 S. First Street, San Jose, CA 95113
Two Nights Only Thursday November 7 and Friday November 8, 2013 8:00 pm

Check out this video interview where Richard talks about his work.