Working with Defiance

I spent the evening dancing to choreography by Sophie Needelman, the Artistic Director of The Defiance Project. It was great to connect with old friends and dance the night away with Jazz Dance---woof! It was fun bringing Jazz back into my body. Sophie posted the following after tonight's rehearsal: "Expect some insane Lady Gaga pin-up diva Chicago speak easy glitter beasts coming at you from the Defiance direction." And who wouldn't be excited after hearing that description? So today, as I did some hand flips to some pelvic shifting, I had a sudden flashback to my Pasadena City College days. I realized that I haven't done Jazz or anything remotely sexy since PCC. Back in the days when I danced under the direction of Richard Kuller -- my Jazz, Tap, and Broadway Musical teacher. He's still there burning up the wooden floors with his shuffling, I'm sure. But this is 2013, almost three years since PCC! I think it's time to embrace the sexy side of dance again. It's been too long. Here's to Jazz! Here's to working with amazing artists. Cheers.

The video below is from the Spring 2013 Defiance show, Great Things. The piece is called Israel Works, choreographed by Sophie Needelman.

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