My 2013 Utah Adventure with Integrated Movement Studies Comes to a Close

Well that's it! Integrated Movement Studies has kicked my butt for the last time in Utah...well, at least for 2013. We will be doing one more session in January from the 2nd to the 18th. Oy! So much work to do. This week I have done my Patterns of Total Body Connectivity, my Bartenieff Fundamentals Combo, I've gone over my Effort Qualities, reviewed my Axis, Girdle and Transverse Scales---and I am honestly spent. It has been an intense week.

I've been indoors for most of it: reading, writing, moving, and presenting. It's been great fun, and I also tried to enjoy small pleasures Salt Lake City has to offer. 

I had dinner at the Oasis CafĂ©, received a helpful massage at the Healing Mountain School, I visited Park City for an evening and had dinner at Flying Sumo (try their Tokyo Nacho--yummers!), and I even bought a coffee mug from Einstein Bros. Bagels. What is it about a portable coffee mug that makes a person feel so grown up? It's like magic really, people take you seriously when you hold one in conversation. Anyways, I digress. Thank you Utah! You have been beautiful this Fall, kinder to my nose than you were in the summer, and I am absolutely amazed at the colors you posses while the sun rises and the moon lingers in the morning sky. 

As proud as I am for surviving this week of intensive work in Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals, I am ready to go home. So here it goes, one final farewell for you Salt Lake City. Dear Utah, I have enjoyed the brisk morning walks to the bus stations, your cool nights that have allowed me to stay awake and work, your varied restaurants that have tickled my pallet and left me to ponder amazing aspects about life. Thank you Salt Lake City and University of Utah Dance Department for providing a home for Integrated Movement Studies. Now it's time for me to go back to my home. I sit here on my rented bed as I finish packing my things, and I know one thing is for sure---I am ready. Ready for creative work, ready for going abroad, and ready for anything that will come my way. Adventures await. East Bay, here I come.