Congress on Research in Dance at UC Riverside

About a month ago, Natalie Marsh and I received an email from Lisa Wymore, our UC Berkeley Dance Professor and Mentor. She informed us that the Congress on Research in Dance will be holding a conference at UC Riverside mid November. Lisa referred us to the conference because of our recent film and media artwork with our choreographic dances: Pieces of Her and Polarity. I am extremely proud of these projects. One in creating a dance piece about my grandmother using multimedia art, and the second by helping Natalie with her dance film vision, Polarity. I am excited to present, and still can't believe that we will be at the 2013 Annual Conference--it's only two weeks away! The conference will have dance, audience discussion, and conversations around the "de-centering" the body. I look forward to meeting other artists and scholars. I know that I will gain so much knowledge from this experience. Below is the abstract written by the wonderful Arden Thomas.

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Conference Title: "De-Centering the Body: Presence, Co-Presence, and Multiplicity in Dance and Film."
Abstract: Dancers and scholars in this roundtable discuss how dance and film share uneasy relationships with each other in terms of primacy in the performance space: the film de-centers the dancing body, the dancing body interrupts film sequences, and both question notions of “the” body and circulations of power. Participants give presentations and performances, show film clips, and invite audience discussion. Telory Davies discusses TAKES, a hybrid dance / film performance. Rachel Joseph explores the relationships between film, stage space, and dance in the films of Busby Berkeley. Natalie Marsh and Rosa Navarrete perform selections of their 2013 collaboration "Pieces of Her," and discuss the process of creating multimedia art and dance film. Finally, dancer and choreographer Lisa Wymore discusses her work in Z-Lab - a site for real time interactive collaboration where she investigates concepts of presence and co-presence within real time video streaming events. Arden Thomas facilitates. 
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Event information: 
November 16, 2013 / Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Co-Presenter with Natalie Marsh on Dance Film and the Fragmented Self, using Pieces of Her and Polarity as examples.
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