An Invitation to Integrated Movement Studies 2014-2015 Program!

This past summer I participated in an Intensive Certification Program with Integrated Movement Studies. IMS has taught me new ways to approach my body. Healthy ways to speak to it, and most importantly (for me) - healthy ways to listen to it. I love learning the strength building exercises, and I really had fun learning about FUNCTION-EXPRESSIVITY. That alone has expanded and liberated my writing, filming, choreography, video editing, and my overall approach to life!  Creative thinking has a new significance to me. Already I have applied Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals to the work I've been doing this Fall. Like performing Pieces of Her at The Garage in September, acting in Life Machine, dancing for Defiance Project, and I have found a lot of joy in using Bartenieff Fundamentals Touch Session on many friends. 

This program can be applied to any field, and it does not necessarily have to be dance. I am actually using it to help me create a presentation for the Conference this coming Saturday, November 16, 2013 for the Congress on Research in Dance. If you're curious about the potential in Body, Effort, Shape, and Space - and if you're curious about the power you have within and outside your body - consider taking this Intensive Summer Program. IMS has helped me take ownership of who I am as a whole by always remembering Irmgard's mantra: "Change is here to stay."