The Pen & Paper Writing Community

Writing is one of my favorite art forms. Because life can be hectic and wild, sometimes writers need a little encouragement. This is why I have decided to make an FB writing group public. I've named it, The Pen & Paper Writing Community, but I am open to changing the name. When I was an English Major attending UC Berkeley I was part of The Chernin Mentorship Program. A space for new students to feel at home while attending Cal. On my last semester they started a new tradition called The Chernin Peer Workshops. I applied to be one of the Creative Writing Facilitators in the Short Story category. I learned various techniques, was introduced to differences in aesthetics within the English Major community, plus the writers in the group are pretty awesome. It was a safe community where members were able to share their work. The Chernin Program at Cal was inaugurated in 2010 with the help of Peter Chernin, the CEO of The Chernin Group, the production company responsible for shows like New Girl on FOX.

The point is - if you are a writer, if you like to write, if you need a reader or a pen pal --- then feel free to JOIN THIS GROUP! I do my best to post information about grants, writing events, open mics, and competitions, but I would love to open up the discussion to others.

Join our group The Pen & Paper Writing Community

I look forward to seeing you there!