Artist Profile: Sam Wineman & The Date Trip

Raise your hand if you've ever been super down on your luck. Okay... raise your hand if --after feeling at your lowest low-- you fantasize about getting on a bus and ditchin' town. Now raise your hands if you actually got up and did this.     Any takers?

Well, personally, I've never had the guts to adventure away from anything much less anyone. I usually stick it through and wait for things to die down. Maybe get a haircut, but that's the extent of my effort. This is not the case for my friend, Sam Wineman.

Early this year, Sam spent some time sulking on a couch depressed and broken hearted. The love of his life (or so he thought at the time) had dumped him while he was studying abroad. What a cliché. After days of living in gloom, Sam got up and said F- THISI'm going on a road trip this summer (probably not in those exact words). He got up, walked out the door and did just that. Well, after some help from his Kickstarter Campaign and some lovely friends. Which is why I have chosen him for this Artist Profile entry. Here is Date Trip:

  • Date Trip is a web series documenting writer Sam Wineman's post-breakup travels as he dates his way through 12 cities in 12 days. After getting dumped by his boyfriend of 3 years, he grabbed a car, a camera, a couple of gal pals, and documented his dates from one city to the next. Meet guys, get some strange, and Crossroads your way to change every week!    In the latest episode, the Date Trip crew hits Las Vegas only to find that Lady Luck must have taken a personal day. After a leg injury, a bailed date, and a power outage, it seems like nothing else could possibly go wrong. And it's just then that Sam might find what he's been looking for...

As the end of the 2013 approaches, it's amazing to see how much positive change can happen in someones life, especially after they pull themselves up from their boot straps. Sam continues to hit us with hilarious episode after episode. In the process, we see a broken spirit slowly gaining back the happy glow that comes from finding true love again. As a Date Trip fan, the one thing I love about the series is not the amount of successful dates Sam experiences in each city, but the love he gradually begins to find in himself. Now that's true love!

Sam is accompanied by his two hilarious friends/camera operators: Jazmin Mendoza and Rose Oser. These cupid-like compañeras bring their wit to create a humorous and safe space for our broken hearted hero. Watch this web series. I recommend it! Ladies and Sam, I wish you continued success on this wonderful project. Thank you for showing us that there are many paths to explore when one is walking down the road of life. For more information on Date Trip and to view more episodes go to:

Check out one of Sam's favorite episodes: LAS VEGAS Episode 4!!

To follow Sam's writing and logs check out:
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