Returning to nature and the novel

I am currently in a little town called Ukiah; which funny enough -- when spelled backwards -- gives us the word HAIKU! I take that as a good omen as I am here for various reasons. Reason number one: to get out of the city for the Memorial Day Weekend. Reason number two: to focus and return to writing, specifically my novel. Reason number three: for health and quiet nature time.

My partner and I spent a couple of hours bouncing back and forth between the mineral baths and the jacuzzi today. We saw a sign that said, "Mark Twain and Jack London once bathed here." Another good omen.

The nice lady at the front desk of this little-piece-of-heaven-escape-village-place told us all about the benefits of the bath. She also told us about live music in the town later on in the evening.
The Blackberry Bushes

It has been less than a day, but already I feel like I've been smacked around with an invisible "relax" stick. The baths were amazing! Amos and I looked into the mirror moments after being in them and our flesh was pink, colorful and fresh. We almost looked like we did the day we first met, but slightly more pudgy around the waist area. It was nice to see ourselves feeling and looking so rejuvenated.

Our tummies grumbled something awful after the baths, and we both headed into the small town in search of the live music and possibly a couple of drinks. Luckily, we stumbled upon a  bluegrass trio from Seattle called The Blackberry Bushes. They were so awesome that I purchased a CD; I am actually listening to it now as I write this entry. They reminded me of being in Salt Lake City, Utah last summer for the Integrated Movement Studies certification program. It brought a smile to my face thinking about Josh, Suzy, Andrea and the rest of the gang of Laban/Bartenieff movers and shakers.

On this trip, I am going to focus on cleaning up chapter three in my novel. For I have promised a dear friend (the only person on this planet who has read Chapter 1 and 2) that I would give her Chapter three to read soon. Time to challenge this writer back into her favorite thing to do. Write, write, write!

Wish me luck friends. I want to submit something by the end of Monday. Also, cheers and jazz hands to all of you who are out enjoying Memorial Day Weekend with loved ones.

Thank you to all of our veterans; the women and men who serve this great country. I am grateful to you all. May you enjoy this weekend the most.

One love,