Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals Condensed Movement Workshop

"Let the bodies hit the floor... The dance floor, that is. 
Movement workshop with the Glass Menagerie cast led by 
the awesomely talented Rosa Navarrete was a hit! #overcast"
Photo by Samanta Cubias

On Monday I had the pleasure of doing LMA/BF work with the talented group of actors belonging to The Overcast Theater. The team is preparing for their upcoming show, The Glass Menagerie -- a classic Tennessee Williams play, directed by Jenny Adler.

I was invited to do a Movement Workshop by the talented Samanta Cubias, who is serving the show as an Assistant Director. It was a great way to practice the Laban Movement Analysis language and facilitate a group setting Bartenieff Fundamentals touch session. I had a very limited time, and basically condensed a week's worth of activities into an hour and fifteen minutes, but the group was energetic and receptive and we did it!

Movement, voice, using Effort Factors to play with character development. Experiencing the Inner expression through outer movement - it was a blast. We even created a mini Movement Choir through a simple flocking exercise. Best of all, all the deep breathing in the room left for some happy cells and glowing faces.

There is much more work to be done! Much more reading, research and writing -- especially when collecting these experiences. What works, what needs work, and more...all part of the trade.

Thank you Overcast Theater for allowing me to practice on your bodies. I cannot wait for your performance!