Creative community work: preparing for "In Lak'Ech: Palabras del Corazón"

Rehearsing at La Peña. 
Earlier today I was at La Peña Cultural Center rehearsing a scene written by Joseph Rios. It is a scene about two ex-lovers who desperately want to be understood and cared for in ways the other person cannot comply. Good times.

I will also be reprising my dance Pieces of Her Installation #3, a solo conceived from new writing about my experience with my grandmother and family last December in 2013 Callao of Lima, Perú.

There will be other artists showcasing their writing, music, and theatrical scenes. The performance is a culmination of workshops between artists. Come and be part of the night!

In Lak'Ech: Palabras del Corazón will take place this Sunday, November 16, 7pm at La Peña Cultural Center. It is directed by Diana Alicia Cervera and co-produced by Ramona Rodriguez Brookes.