Reflections on "it was all a DREAM: Writings by Undocumented Youth at UC Berkeley"

Two Fridays ago (October 17) I found myself at Multicultural Community Center. I was attending their book release event entitled, "it was all A DREAM: Writings of Undocumented Youth at UC Berkeley."

The evening was organized to celebrate the poetry and pieces of illustration/art in this new revolutionary work. Outside the inviting doors was a table full of pupusas, rice and black beans. Already--the taste of someones home outside the confines of the indoor space.  Entering the MCC was packed to the max. I prepared myself, sat down, bit into a pupusa and waited.

Artist, writer and undocumented souls--one after another went up and shared their very personal stories. A lot of times preparing the audience with, "I'm really nervous," before speaking. Sometimes in the middle of their pieces they would hold back tears, or express frustration, anger, disbelief, hope, and a desire to continue.

It was an honor to be an audience member. To be automatically trusted with so many amazing and personal tales of survival.

Listening to every detail of the writer's journey, reminded me of my family's journey to the states. Back in 1989 with my mother, sister and adopted auntie. Women traveling together to get to a place where their voices might be heard, where maybe they can find a way to be independent. The evening reminded me of that. The pride of having a survivor heart ad the sadness that comes from knowing you made it when others didn't or couldn't.

What a memorable night. Dear Readers, thank you for a wonderful event and for your strong and empowering voices. I look forward to seeing you continue your work. I look forward to seeing where this book takes you all.