"Ritual into Night" by Robyn Anne Nisbet

My dance friend Robyn Anne Nisbet is back in Los Angeles dance scene, and she is kicking butt. Additionally, she is showing me around town and introducing me to some amazing dancers and artists. I started dancing to House Music in Los Angeles, although I first heard of House Music and it's community in the Bay Area. That's Robyn magic right there--she has a gift for bringing people together and creating welcoming environments. I love her work and her preciseness. Her newest piece "Ritual into Night" will be performed in Venice Beach and date has yet to be determined. Dance commences at sunset. Come and support dance art, and watch us play with the ocean.

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10/28/2015 Rehearsing this morning, it's so early the moon is still out!

Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete
Lauren Carroll
Annie Keighley
Robyn Anne Nisbet

Please join us for a site-specific performance at Venice Beach. $5 parking at the end of Washington Boulevard by the pier. We will be performing on the beach by the rock jetty at 24th avenue. Performance date November 29, 2015 at 4:30pm.