Bienvenidos a "Pajamas Y Cafecito"

Rosa Navarrete & Henry Alexander Kelly
I am venturing on something new and different with my creative partner, Henry Alexander Kelly. We started a new Facebook Live Talk Show dedicated to connecting and inspiring artists from all walks of life. Encouraging them to engage with each other in a cozy environment. Already we've invited Make-Up Artists Laura Young, DJ Weaksauce aka Rene Perez, and LA Based Designer Araceli Sandoval to be part of the first episodes. And now we're inviting you to join us. Have some cafecito,  snuggle up, and listen in on artist to artist insight that could potentially help you on your own path of self discovery. From up and coming to established artists, we will share with you ways to engage and explore the arts community. Like us on Facebook,, and join in!

You can also be part of our conversation LIVE and CHAT with us during our Wednesdays at 9 PM (PST) connection.

Pajamas Y Cafecito Logline: A Facebook Live Talk Show showcasing different artistic talents through quirky conversation while uncovering resources that help artists grow!


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2017 UPDATE: Both Henry and Rosa are pursuing other artistic endeavors. We may return to this project, but our schedules are madness as independent artists. Hope to see you around the artistic block. For the time being, be the art you want to see and experience.