Join Las Lunas Locas at Avenue 50 Studio Monday Nights!

Last fall I decided to join a writing group who call themselves LAS LUNAS LOCAS. Since meeting these incredible mujeres, my life has not been the same. I was drawn to this group for various reasons: it's a safe space, a wonderful circle of poetry exploration, and a somewhere you can let it all hang out. As a group of self identified mujeres+: we check in before writing, we support each other's projects and events, and we feel free to develop any idea during our time together. 

To me, Las Lunas Locas represents growth, self care, and community. I have yet to find another space like this in Los Angeles, and guess what - you can come join in too! It's honestly a joy and privilege to have been part of their group of writers these past few weeks at readings and events. Last weekend we were part of the Fresno LitHop 2017, we read, we listened, and we celebrated beautiful works shared in this famous writer's town. 

I invite you to like Las Lunas Locas on Instagram -- check out our prompts and see our people. My final note will be this: you owe it to yourself to feel the healing love of writing, so come join us next Monday at Avenue 50 Studio. You won't regret it.