Be the magical unicorn you know you can be!
Today marks the last day of 2018, and all I want to say is happy new year to all my artist collaborators, friends, and family members who helped make this year memorable. We lost some loved ones and gained some knowledge. I have been engaging in healthier practices for the later part of 2018, setting professional boundaries and also aligning myself with work that is meaningful to me and my personal goals as a freelance artist. The time is coming when I too must return to the grind, but for the time being I will be enjoying these last few days of semi-freedom and celebrating the new year with loved ones who support and accept me as I am. My only wish for y'alls is to find inner peace in the work you do, and may it always bring you happiness when doing it.

I am truly inspired by a multitude of artists friends who are making their visions come to fruition. I am also super inspired by the work I did this past year with community, in large part with the project Pittsfield Moves!, which keeps me reflective and centered when I look back at the 2018 art adventures. Mil gracias to everyone!

My 2018 recap can be seen here.

Wishing you all an incredible 2019!