VoyageLA spills the beans about me

VoyageLA 2019
Photo Credit: Amos Cass
Mural "Inspiration Blvd." by Gino Flo

Earlier this year I was nominated by friend to be interviewed by VoyageLA, and it threw me for a loop. I was 7 months pregnant and wondering...what the heck is so interesting about me? After I pushed my inferiority complexes aside, I decided to scroll through my CV and take a look-see. What popped? What could I possibly write about? Thankfully, their questionnaire really helped me hone in and focus on the values I am currently carrying in my life. This was an incredibly fun online interview, and I want to give a huge shout out to VoyageLA for the work they are doing to make the unheard voices in Los Angeles pop on their online magazine. Thank you especially to Kris Williams who was gracious with their questions and time. You can read all about it, by clicking below!