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Writing in the time of COVID-19/Corona Virus, Part 2: A Revolution & Renaissance

"Look on the Brighter Side/I voted." featuring #babycass2019 Many artists have learned to cope with the changing world. A lot of the ones I know are making work that is meaningful to them and their communities. In the last few weeks I have seen an explosion of creativity during this shift in consciousness. Though some of us might have, at some point in our lives, called ourselves a minority , the word feels untrue now. We are a mighty community. Sure, there are other forces causing disruption, but in the end hate will lose. Regardless of how corrupt the system is, or the outcome of this election. Light will always prevail. All sorts of people, no matter their age, gender, or class, are rising up against hate and standing up for each other.  Though this election has me swimming in a sea of insecurity, and I am getting triggered left and right -- I stand tall. I hold the door open with my foot - for hope, opportunity, and change. For the kids at the border, for All Black Lives

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